Comparative Evaluations of Effectiveness of ECM from Pluripotent, Multipotent and Somatic Cell Culture as a Natural Niche and Biomimetic Component of Tissue Engineered Scaffolds. (Senior Researcher)

This project (TUBITAK 1001 - 214M159) aims to use ECM from different types of stem cells to form ECM based scaffolds as they contain biomimetic component.

The project focuses on four major topics (i) isolation and characterization of human pluripotent/induced pluripotent stem cell culture derived ECM, (ii) comparison of the ECM compositions of cell types with different potencies, (iii) evaluating the effects of pluripotent cell-derived ECM on the behaviour of somatic cells under 2D and 3D culture conditions, (iv) evaluating the use of pluripotent cell-derived ECM for developing tissue engineering scaffolds.



Dr. Odabas participate this project as Senior Researher.