What we are dealing with?

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Research Laboratory (bteLAB) mainly focus on the fields of:

1. Tissue Engineering: Production of scaffolds from natural or synthetic polymeric hybrid materials for in-vitro cell differentiation or in-vivo cell or tissue replacement and repair which mainly focused on Cartilage and Bone Tissue Engineering.

2. Biomaterials: Production and characterization of polymeric biomaterials and modification of the surface of polymeric biomaterials by different methods (by chemically, biologically, etc.) ;  biomaterials via tissue/organ decellularization.

3. Gene Therapy: Production of non-viral vector which are mostly cationic polymers (magnetic or non-magnetic) for in-vitro transfection. Transfection & Transformation and PCR stuff.

4. Polymer Technology: Production of polymers which have different type of bulk and surface characteristics, shapes and geometries with different techniques such as cryogelation, wet-spining etc.

5. Nano and Meso particles: Production of superparamagnetic magnetite nano and meso nanoparticles for separation, transfection, immobilization or related applications. Silicon elastomers and related biological applications.