We are dealing with the preparing composite biomaterials in the hydrogel or cryogel forms to be used for in-vitro cell differentiation or in-vivo cell or tissue replacement and repair. Gathering different sources may help to generate better repair and regeneration. One of the main aims of the group is to produce hybrid materials (combining with natural; synthetic or decellularized ECM sources) or modify the surface of the materials in chemical and biological point of view.


We are conducting researches concentrated on tissues (mainly for musculoskeletal system tissues as bone, cartilage, muscle and tendon) by using multiple cell types (primarily with stem cells) and various biomaterials affecting different mechanotransductive strategies and try to alter the cell behavior.


Our group focuses on the production of polymers which have various bulk and surface properties, shapes and geometries with different polymerization techniques (such as emulsion, suspension and others). One of the main goals is to produce these polymeric systems in preferred sizes (micro to nano; magnetic or non-magnetic) and use them for cellular application, controlled release, biomedical and non-viral gene therapy purposes.